Cobra is an all-female five-member rock band, based in Beijing, China. The members are Xiao Nan (vocals, guitar, accordian), Wang Xiaofang (vocals, drums), Yu Jin (Keyboards, backing vocals), Suo Yu Jie (bass, double bass), and Lin Xue (sax, flute, backing vocals). The above image shows the front and back covers of the booklet enclosed in their German-released CD, "Hypocrisy". The back cover of the CD is shown below:

It's a little hard to read that graphic, so I'll provide the track listing here:

  1. Hypocrisy (Xiao Nan) 4:11
  2. One Door, One Wall, One Grave (Cobra) 5:18
  3. 1966 (Yu Jian, Cobra) 6:15
  4. It's Not The Age Of Amusement (Wang Rui Fang) 6:16
  5. Vulgarian (Cobra, Wang Rui Fang) 4:24
  6. My Own Paradise (Wang Rui Fang) 5:57
  7. Illusion (Xiao Nan) 6:05
  8. Dream (Wang Rui Fang) 4:18
  9. Join The Masses (Cobra, Xiao Nan) 6:01
  10. No One's Drunk (Cobra, Xiao Nan) 5:09

Cobra is one of my favorite Chinese bands, so expect to see more samples of their music on my music samples page.

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