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Much of the following text was taken from two brochures I received as part of my grant application. I have attempted to reproduce the relevant sections accurately. Any mistakes are mine.

The American/Chinese Adventure Capital Program

The American/Chinese Adventure Capital Program provides funding for qualified applicants to travel to China for up to one year to pursue a personal interest. Past projects have been as diverse as: exploring beer-making, traveling the Chinese/Russian border by donkey, investigating modern dance, and working on a rice farm. Successful applicants have demonstrated that their projects meet the five program criteria:
  1. Person-to-person contact with the people of China
  2. Innovative project idea
  3. Projects that require individual initiative
  4. Projects with strong personal relevance to the applicant
  5. Good use of time, effort, and funds

Adventure Capital Program Application Guidelines:

Grants are not limited by any academic, language, or achievement requirements. However, they must involve a specific investigation or project in China. In addition, applicatns must be staff employees, faculty members, resident artists, students or recent graduates (within the past seven years) of a sponsoring institution. The following institutions are participating sponsors:

NOTE: The program is not currently accepting applications.

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